On-Air Line-Up

Monday through Friday:

6am-9am –  2 Pros and a Cup of Joe w/ LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn & Jonas Knox

9am-12pm  –  The Dan Patrick Show

12pm-3pm –  The Herd with Colin Cowherd

3pm-5pm –   The Doug Gottlieb Show

5pm-7pm –  Covino and Rich

7pm-10pm – The Odd Couple w/ Chris Broussard & Rob Parker

10pm-2am – The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon

2am-6am –  The Ben Maller Show



2am-5am – The Bernie Fratto Show

5am-8am – The Fellas w/ Anthony Gargano

8am-9am – American Warrior Radio

10am-Noon – Countdown to Kickoff Presented by BetMGM w/ Brian Noe, Rich Ohrnberger & Jared Smith

Noon-2pm – Up on Game w/ LaVar Arrington, TJ Houshmandzadeh & Plaxico Burress

2pm-4pm – The Jonas Knox Show

4pm-7pm – Steve Hartman & Ephraim Salaam

7pm-10pm – Martin Weiss & Veejay Huskey

10pm-2am – Aaron Torres & Jason Martin


2am-6am – The Bernie Fratto Show

6am-8am – Andy Furman & Bucky Brooks

8am-9am – Andy Furman, Bucky Brooks & Mike Harmon

9am-10am – Mike Harmon & Bucky Brooks

10am-1pm – Countdown to Kickoff Presented by BetMGM w/ Brian Noe, Geoff Schwartz & Bill Krackomberger

1pm-5pm – Steve Hartman & Rich Ohrnberger

5pm-8pm – Dan Beyer & George Wrighster

8pm-11pm – Mark Willard & Ephraim Salaam

11pm-2am – Arnie Spanier & Chris Plank